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Child Tax Credit

There are over 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the US, plus millions providing unwaged care to children. In his American Rescue Plan, President Biden included a Child Tax Credit, modeled after the American Family Act. In 2021, families received a child tax credit of $3600 for children under six and $3000 for children 6 to 17, regardless of income.

According to the Poor People’s Campaign, A National Call for Moral Revival, 52.1% of children under the age of 18 in the US are poor or low income, that is 38.5 million children. Researchers at Columbia University have found that the one-year CTC in the American Rescue Plan reduced monthly child poverty by close to 30%. However, Congress failed to renew the highly effective Child Tax Credit for 2022 or beyond.

Below are examples of some of our efforts to let our community know about the Child Tax Credit and help them access it.

Thank you to the Philadelphia Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity for its support of the Crossroads Women’s Center Child Tax Credit Outreach Campaign.

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