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We are diverse women from different races, ethnicities, identities, ages, nationalities and backgrounds bringing communities together by bringing women together to address our common concerns.  We tackle the poverty and food insecurity of women and children who are 73% of the poor. A non-profit organization since 1985, we are committed to addressing the importance and value of all women’s contributions to the economy and society including that of essential caregiving.  

For 22 years Women in Dialogue has run the Crossroads Women’s Center in a small storefront on Maplewood Mall in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia.  We purchased a much larger space on Wayne Avenue in lower Germantown that needs renovation so we can expand our work.  Now more than ever, a space is needed where those whose survival and rights are under threat can come together across divisions to protect one another and build the movement for a more caring world.

We are putting huge efforts into gathering pro bono professional advice and fundraising to develop our new space on Wayne Ave into a welcoming, accessible, environmentally and community friendly space. But all the goodwill and volunteer effort will not pay for everything. We need your financial help for renovations estimated at over $300,000.  

Please visit buildingcrossroads.center for more info and updates.


On July 13, 2021, one of the groups that works out of the Crossroads Women’s Center — Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike — held a rally and press conference in partnership with Senator Art Haywood for the Child Tax Credits.

Some testimonies about what the CTC means to mothers and grandmothers
Grandmother from Philadelphia, PA
Mother of five from Altoona, PA
·       Letter to Editor Philadelphia Inquirer – Children need it, mothers have earned it!
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