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Grand Opening June 9!

We invite you to the Grand Opening of our new Center at 5011 Wayne Avenue in Philadelphia on Friday June 9, 5-7pm, featuring a half century of Community Archives display and presentation with Selma James, Margaret Prescod and others. This event is part of an International & Community Gathering, June 9-11: End Women’s Poverty – A Guaranteed Care Income for All Caregivers of People and Planet, organized by Global Women’s Strike. Please sign up and check the Global Women’s Strike page for updates about this exciting gathering in June!



Women in Dialogue (WinD) was founded in 1985 by women from different races, ethnicities, ages, nationalities, gender identities and dis/abilities. Our mission is “to bring communities together by bringing women together to address our common concerns.”

We are committed to getting all women’s contributions to the economy and society recognized and valued in policies and resource allocations–whether these contributions are waged or unwaged–including the essential caregiving of people and the natural world. We are also tackling women’s and children’s poverty and food insecurity.

Women in Dialogue bases ourselves on the belief that community development begins with grassroots directly-impacted women speaking up and acting on our own behalf with the support of others. 

In 1998, Women in Dialogue founded the multi-racial community-based Crossroads Women’s Center in a small storefront at 33 Maplewood Mall in Germantown. In 2016 we purchased a large run-down building at 5011/5013 Wayne Avenue and, with the help of the Philadelphia Department of Commerce and PIDC, began renovating the building, making it into a welcoming, accessible, and environmentally and community friendly space.  

We just completed phase one of our project in January 2023 and are starting to move in. We will soon embark on fundraising for phase two which will give us a large kitchen for events, audiovisual equipment and a new storefront on the 5011 side of the building. Thanks to all who help! 

The main room at our old Crossroads Women’s Center

The main room at our new Crossroads Women’s Center