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Crossroads Women’s Center

Crossroads Women's Center

The current Crossroads Women’s Center

The Crossroads Women’s Center located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, an inner-city neighborhood diverse in race, ethnicity and income. The Center is a grassroots, multi-racial, community-based meeting place where women come together for support, programs, services, information, classes, training, referrals and advocacy on issues of concern to women and our communities.

We receive many calls for help, information and support from women all over the Philadelphia region, on issues including housing, childcare, welfare, child welfare, criminal justice issues, domestic violence, sexual and racial violence, legal problems, balancing caregiving and breadwinning, unemployment compensation, health problems for women and/or their children, stress, mental health referrals, discrimination, LGBTQ rights, disability issues, among others.  The Crossroads Women’s Center has extensive resource files that we use to make referrals. We call on professionals in different fields (for example lawyers, healthcare providers) willing to offer their services to women we refer for no fee or a reduced fee.

Members of Every Mother is a Working Mother Network outside Superior Court

Members of Every Mother is a Working Mother Network outside Superior Court

The Center is home to numerous women’s organizations and initiatives, including the Breastfeeding Initiative, which promotes women’s right to breastfeed and is making visible the value of breastfeeding not only to babies and mothers, but to society generally, and the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network which presses for caring work to be recognized and valued, and works with mothers to regain custody of children in foster care.  Other groups working out of the Center include the Women’s Fitness Club, Global Women’s Strike, and Payday, a network of men.

The new Crossroads Women's Center interior

Inside the new Crossroads Women’s Center

After nineteen years of saving our pennies, we were able to get a much larger building, located at 5011-5013 Wayne Avenue in Germantown. We need your help to develop it into a welcoming, accessible, environmentally and community friendly space!

State and federal cutbacks impact women and their children the most – an estimated 60-80% of beneficiaries of services are women. When health services get cut, women make up for it by taking on (on top of or at the expense of jobs) the caregiving of loved ones who are older, have a disability, are ill, and have chronic health problems such as asthma and diabetes, often while themselves suffering from these problems. Demand is increasing, not decreasing, and we need this space to meet the demand.

Programs the new building makes possible

Self Help Advocacy

on an expanded number of issues including immigration, LGBTQ rights, welfare and food security, violence and more.  We will be able to schedule drop-in days as well as by appointment.

“Crossroads Kitchen and Garden”

a large kitchen and eating space will allow us to expand from a weekly program serving 10-12 to a daily program serving 20-30, providing healthy lunches and healthy cooking lessons.  Opportunities for women and children to learn about growing herbs and vegetables in the garden while the produce can be used in the recipes.

Legal and benefits clinics

begin monthly clinics for those needing legal advice on family and criminal problems, as well as create space for groups like Benephilly to meet at our Center.

Health consultations and workshops

with the private meeting spaces, one-on-one and group consultations with health and alternative health practitioners as well as large workshops and classes become feasible.

Trainings and classes

computer, AV, GED, ESL, reading and other classes will be possible.

Fitness classes

the large event room would enable physical education and yoga classes.

Film Series

a large event room that is equipped with state of the art AV equipment would enable us to resume our Friday Film series on the issues that women and minority communities are facing.

Art, Cultural and Musical events

architect’s plan for a Community Gallery, events room, and bookstore area will enable us to display and sell the works of local artists and support local musicians.

Event space rental

the large events room can be made available at a sliding scale cost for community and partnering groups.

Rummage, Hair Salon and other fundraisers

there will be ample space to have our fundraising and donor events, children’s activities. More women would volunteer if there were accommodations for children.

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